CHS Guidelines for Semester Exams: Dec. 19-21

CHS Exemption Rules 

Final Exams are December 19-21 for Clifton High School. Please check the attached form for exemption policy. If your child is exempt for one or more classes, here are some special guidelines you need to be aware of:

  • There is no coming and going, students are required to be here until the last scheduled time for the final they have to complete.
  • For December 19th & 20th, seniors who are exempt are required to be in attendance till 9:30. All other exempt students are required to be in attendance till 12:30.
  • Since Friday, December 21 is early dismissal all exempt students are allowed to leave at 9:30.
  • Student who do not have their own transportation, may only leave with a parent/guardian unless written permission is turned into the office on the morning of the day they can leave early.
  • Buses will run at normal times. Friday buses will run at 12:45 due to early dismissal.

 Please contact the high school office (254) 675-1845 with any questions/concerns.

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