Clifton High School

Early Release on Wednesday, February 28, 2018!

CHS Information for the week of Feb. 16-21

Progress Reports went out last week and were due today.  If you have not seen your child's progress report, you may want to ask them about it.  Next Friday, Feb.27th, is the last day of the six weeks.  Any student not passing all classes will become ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activity.  If you child has been absent, please make sure they are caught up with all assignments.

We only have 15 more school days until Spring Break, this year is flying by. State assessments are quickly approaching.  It is extremely important that your child is here at school everyday.  

We have a Junior Class Parent Meeting this week to discuss the prom.  Prom is the Saturday after Spring Break.  The meeting will be at 6:00 in the HS cafeteria.  Please make every effort to be there to help with the final plans.  Lots of help is needed to pull this event off successfully.

Senior invitations, caps and gowns will be here today at lunch.  Your order must be paid in full to receive it.  If you can not pick them up today, we will have them in the office.  Just send payment with your child.  Remember to take the gowns out of the package and hang them in the closet to allow the wrinkles to fall out.  Do not leave gowns out in the sun as they will fade.

Cheer tryouts are Thursday of this week.  The tryouts will be held in the JH gym.  HS tryouts will begin at 4 with JH tryouts beginning right after. Tryouts are closed to the public.  Results will be posted on the front doors of the HS at 8:00 pm.

Activities for the week:

Monday, Feb. 16:

Senior invitations, caps and gowns delivered at lunch

Baseball @ Little River Academy

School Board Meeting @ 6:00

Tuesday, Feb. 17:

Last Boys Basketball game -- here against McGregor -- Senior Night

Wednesday, Feb. 18:

Junior Class Parent Meeting @ 6:00 in the HS cafeteria

Thursday, Feb. 19:

Cheer Tryouts

Friday, Feb 20:

Baseball - here

Varsity Softball Tournament - here

Saturday, Feb. 21:

Powerlifting - Stephenville

Varsity Softball Tournament - here