Clifton High School

Early Release on Wednesday, February 28, 2018!

CHS Information for the week of Dec. 8-13

Friday is the end of the three weeks for the 3rd six weeks.  We will take finals next week before we break for the Christmas Holidays.  Please make sure your student is in attendance the 17th-19th for finals.  We will finish the third six weeks in the middle of January.  Those students playing basketball are encouraged to stay in contact with their teachers during this tournament season.  It is extremely easy for them to get behind.

I would like to encourage all of you to attend the Public forum this week at the elementary.  This meeting will be held to show plans for an elementary school and discuss the needs of going out for another bond election.  The school district would like the input from the public about whether they believe there is a need and if there is a need, what does that look like?  What would you be willing to support in a bond package.  This public forum will be held Wednesday night at 6:00 pm at Bettis Auditorium at the elementary.

Christmas is in the air and you will have the opportunity to see both the MS and the HS bands in concert this week.  HS will have their Christmas concert on Monday and MS will perform on Tuesday.  You will not want to miss our kids in action.  It is a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

The HS blood drive is Monday, Dec. 8th.  Come by and support our student body and donate.  (8:30-2:30)

Activities for the week:

Monday, Dec. 8:

HS Band Christmas Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 9:

Boys BBall @ Meridian (JV, V) -- 5:00

Girls BBall @ Bruceville-Eddy (9th, JV, V) -- 5:00

Wednesday, Dec. 10:

Bond Package Public Forum @ 6:00 pm at Bettis Auditorium

Thursday - Saturday, Dec. 11-13:

Boys Varsity BBall tournament at Hamilton