Clifton High School

Early Release on Wednesday, February 28, 2018!

CHS Information for the week of Sept. 22- 27

Congratulations to the varsity football team for a great win last night.  Faith, Fight,'s what we do.

We will be hosting two "bring  your own device" meetings on Monday, the 22nd.  If your child would like to use their own electronic device in class, you both must first come in for an orientation and register your device.  You only have to do this one time, not every year.  

Your child should have picked up their progress report this week.  They should have brought them home for you to view and sign.  These must be turned in by Monday, Sept. 22nd.  Those not turning them into the office will be given an hour after school detention.

Oct. 3rd is the last day of the six weeks.  Any student not passing all classes at that time will become ineligible to participate in extracurricular competitions for 3 weeks beginning Oct. 10th.  Their grades will be checked at the three week period to see if they are passing all subjects at that time.

Attendance is vital to the success of your child.  There is a direct correlation between attendance and student achievement.  Students are only eligible for end of the year final exemptions if they have no more than 5 excused/unexcused absences for the year.  Medical exemptions do not count toward the absent counts.  In order to be eligible for a medical exemption, a student must be present for at least part of the day.  They also have to have gone to a medical appointment on the same day.  If your child returns with a note from that appointment, they will receive a medical exemption. Attendance is taken every period of the day at the HS level.  A student is not considered present all day if they are here at 10:00. Many high school students are late to 1st period.  If they miss more than 10% of that period due to tardiness, it is considered an absence.  Truancy can be filed after 3 unexcused absences.  (Please note that a parent can only write notes for 5 absences during a year, after that, excused absences will only be granted by a doctor's note)

Literacy is our district wide initiative this year.  We are dedicated to increase the literacy levels of all of our students.  You will be receiving a copy of your child's current reading grade level with their report card.  Please read this report, sign it, and return it to the school with the report card.  Most high school textbooks are written on an 11.5 grade level, while that increases to 13.5 in college.  We are incorporating literacy strategies into every class this year.  We ask you to help us by encouraging your child to read at least 20 minutes every day at home.  Just think what could happen if they substituted 20 minutes of "phone time" with 20 minutes of reading time.  We are going to start a contest soon that encourages students to read.  We will be charting the amount of books that they complete throughout the year.  These are books that they choose to read for entertainment.  The staff will take on the same challenge.  Kindles and tablets are great ways for some students to read while others enjoy the old fashion way of just curling up on the couch with a good book.  

Senior Parents: mark your calendar for Sept. 29th.  We will have our first college transition night.  We will be discussing timelines and things you should be doing now and throughout the year to help your child make the transition into some form of higher education. This meeting will begin at 6:30 in the HS cafeteria.

Activities for the week:

Monday, Sept. 22:

Progress Reports must be signed and returned by 4:00

Bring Your Own Device meetings:  6:00 pm or 7:30 pm in the CHS cafeteria

Tuesday, Sept. 23:

VB - Here - West @ 5:00

Wednesday, Sept. 24:

Cross Country @ Whitney

Thursday, Sept. 25:

JV FB - Here- against Bosqueville @ 7:30

Friday, Sept. 26:

School begins at 8:00

Pep Rally at 12:05

FB @ Bosqueville @ 7:30

Saturday, Sept. 27

VB @ Marlin - 11:00