Clifton High School

Early Release on Wednesday, February 28, 2018!

CHS Information for the week of Sept. 15-20

Today marks the end of the first 3-weeks grading period.  We will send out progress reports on Tuesday, Sept. 16th.  We mailed out our parent portal ID's this week and there was some old information on the bottom of the letter. The ID's are correct but the bottom of the letter should have said the following:

Please use these portal IDs by following instructions found in the "Parent" section of the Clifton ISD website, which can be found at Once you are on the district website, you will want to find "Parents" in the menu, and choose "Parent Information". Instructions can be found under the section titled "txConnect", and the link that is referenced is under the "Links" section on the Parent section of the website.

 Go through the new user setup process, choosing your own username and password, as well as answering the reminder questions. On the final screen, you will be asked to add students. To add students, you will need the code(s) above and the birthdate(s) for the student(s).

You can use this information to keep track of your child's grades. You also have a direct link to a teacher's email address.  Feel free to stay in contact with your child's teachers.  We are here to work with you and your child to ensure their success.

Another way to keep up with your child's assignments is to go to our webpage and check the weekly assignments that are due. Only core classes are posted. We are trying to encourage our students to become more accountable for taking care of their business before we send them off to college.  You can go to the following link:  

On that page you can either check the weekly lesson plans or you can subscribe to that page and they will be emailed to  you weekly.  

Activities for the week:

Monday, Sept. 15:

Board Meeting @ 6:00pm

Tuesday, Sept. 16:

VBall @ Teague - 5:00

Wednesday, Sept. 16:

Cross Country @ Hamilton

Motivational Speaker @ 9:15 am for JH/HS students

Thursday, Sept. 18:
 JV White/JV Green FB @ McGregor @ 5:00

Friday, Sept. 19:

School begins @ 8:00

Pep Rally @ 12:05

FB -Here against McGregor @ 7:30

We will honor the families of Layne Crosthwaite and Dakotta Thomas after the game at Cub Stadium. In memory of Layne and Dakotta, their jersey numbers (#20 & #21) will not be worn for the next 4 years at the varsity level.

Saturday, Sept. 20:

VB - Here- F, JV, V against Blooming Grove @ 11:00 am

Cross Country @ Crawford