Tuesday, Nov 7
7:00 A.M.  Students report to band hall.  Grab uniform/instrument and head to practice field to load charter bus.
7:45 A.M.  Leave Clifton
11:30  Arrive at Alamodome
12:00  Watch first two bands / get a feel for the dome
12:30  Back to buses to eat lunch, dress, etc...
2:05  Warm Up
3:15  Perform
5:30  Announce Results
If we make Finals, we will adjust schedule depending on when we march.  Finals begin at 7:15.  
If we do not make finals, we will go check into hotel, eat and return to dome to watch the finals.  Then back to hotel.
Wednesday, Nov 8
8:00-9:15  Breakfast
9:30  Load buses
10:00  Leave S.A.
11:30-12:30  Stop in Marble Falls for lunch
2:30  Back in Clifton